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hair-design-torontoChoosing a hair stylist is not something that should be taken lightly and if you want to start seeing improvements in both your career and your private life, then finding a hair dresser you trust is one of the best ways to begin that positive change. All of our clients come away happy when they’ve had a haircut at Ruffles, and that’s why they come back time and time again. Here’s why we think we could be your regular too…

A good hair stylist will not only be able to cut your hair in the style you choose, but they will be able to consult with you and advise on the best hair cut for your look so that you take full advantage of your best features and your individual head shape. We take huge amounts of pride in the work we do and in creating a great look that you can be proud of. Of course if you just want a trim then we’ll gladly oblige, but we’re more than happy to work with you to help you find your perfect look too.

At the same time we think you’ll be over the moon with our luxury facilities, our friendly customer service and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Your comfort and happiness is our top priority, which is why a trip to Ruffles is like a trip to the spa. Enjoy having your hair washed then relax with a cup of tea and a magazine while our stylists take care of your look – it really is the star treatment here at Ruffles! When you come away you’ll look sharp and feel confident with a haircut you can be proud of, but you’ll also find yourself in good spirits and feeling highly relaxed and at ease too. Why not give us a shot? You’ll want to come back right away!

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October 2015


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